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Embrace Change – in your Real Estate Business

Change is not easy.  But it is simple. Change is natural and good.  Things will always change.  We don’t have a choice about that, but we do have a choice on how we react to change.  In the long run … Continue reading

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Take Action NOW!

In Business, words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises, but only Performance is reality. -Harold Geneen, Industrialist What is your reality for the coming year? What results are you expecting? How many transactions do you have planned? Will … Continue reading

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20 Business days left in this year! The Value of Time – 86,400 Seconds each day!

There are 20 business days left in this year how are you going to spend them? The greatest asset that we have is TIME. If you really want to find out what kind of agent you are – spend 30 … Continue reading

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