Are you a Business Minded or Transactional Minded Agent?

Are you a Business Minded Agent or an Agent just looking for the next deal?

Do you look at your career in real estate as an opportunity to create a great future for you and your family or are you just looking for the next commission check?

Take a look at some of the actions and thought processes of Business Minded Agents compared to Transactional Agents.

In what areas can we help you become a better salesperson?

Business Minded Agent

  • Has a specific time to be at work each day.
  • Works from a schedule-knows exactly what will be accomplished each day.
  • Tracks important sales numbers to increase efficiency, flexibility and profit.
  • Knows when and where their next deal will come from.
  • Plans their production and growth.
  • Looks for sellers to bring buyers.
  • Works on their mindset and attitude every day.
  • Practices and develops skills each day.
  • Creates unlimited opportunities each day.
  • Uses specific scripts that bring positive results.
  • Looks for new business each day.
  • Maintains a database of past clients & their sphere of influence & has a plan to communicate with them.
  • Contacts their SOI & past clients on a scheduled basis.
  • Has systems in place for lead generation, lead follow up, listings and buyers.
  • Focuses on production that creates profit.
  • Understands that what they do impacts the economy and more importantly…the client.
  • Uses technology to create highly profitable spin-off business.


Transactional Agent

  • Will show up to work if they get up in time.
  • Not sure what to do each day.
  • Does not track sales result numbers.
  • Hope someone calls them for a “deal”.
  • Worries about commission splits.
  • Looking for the next buyer.
  • If I pray to the real estate gods…all will be well…right?
  • Does not believe skills are important in the real estate business.
  • Thinks the grass is greener somewhere else.
  • “Wings” discussion with prospective clients.
  • Waits for business to come to them.
  • Has no real database.
  • Will speak with their SOI & past clients only if their SOI or past client calls.
  • What’s a system?  This is real estate…not a “real job”!
  • Will take a deal at any cost.
  • Is concerned only about how much money they will earn.
  • Hopes technology will keep them from having to actually engage in selling.

Which one sounds better to you?

Real Estate is a business and requires some kind of plan, without it you will flounder and be constantly chasing the next deal.  A plan gives you control of your life, self confidence, and security.  If I can help you build a plan for your business please give me a call.  239-822-6000.

To your success,

Real Estate Mentor
Bobby Mahan

Thanks to John Joseph for his input on this article.

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