Having Character

Character – The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life – is the source from which self-respect springs.” -Joan Didion

How much business character do you have?

Are you willing to accept responsibility for your own business and your own results?

Are you willing to do what it takes to be successful or do you blame others or the market for your “situation”?

It is interesting that business owners in other industries know that to be successful they must go to work each day, generate leads, do lead follow up, make presentations and get out of their comfort zones.

However, in our industry, many agents wait for everyone else to give them business; hopes someone calls in from a postcard, a letter or a website. They wait for the company to give them leads or just blames others or the market for their lack of character.

Your success is 100% dependant on your character – your actions, your perseverance and your resulting…self respect!

What are you doing each day to move your business forward?

How are you acting like a business owner?

What are you doing to get results?

Your Management Team and Selling Paradise Realty, Inc. are 100% dedicated to your success.

You have access to advanced business planning tools that are only available to you. You have access to training that has proven results, you are provided with some of the best tools in the industry, you have access to some of the best profit focused mindsets in the country!

The questions become:

Are you taking advantage of all we have to offer you?

Do you have the character to earn what you deserve?

Your Real Estate Mentor,

Bobby Mahan
“Creating Real Estate Champions”

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