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In Business, words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises, but only Performance is reality. -Harold Geneen, Industrialist

What is your reality for the coming year?

What results are you expecting? How many transactions do you have planned? Will that earn the profit that you want?

Real estate is a business that requires you to act like a business person; set a plan and take the proven steps or actions to achieve that plan.

In business, if you don’t meet your goals and deliver results you are “shown the door”!

As a business owner, would you hire yourself based on your current performance or would you terminate yourself based on your results?

What is the difference between successful business owners and those that “think” they are successful business owners?

Business owners do what it takes to be successful. The get out of their comfort zones, eliminate frivolous distractions, they enlist the help of those that will challenge them, they set a business plan and execute it faithfully.

Those that think they are successful business owners make excuses about the market, mortgage financing, commissions, egos etc. They faithfully create excuses and buy into distractions so not to work, grow and improve.

Which one are you?

In business it all comes down to this: Your performance and results are the only benchmarks for success.

Here are two options you have right now…
1. Start now to make 2011 a fantastic year by being fanatical about taking listings and getting buyers into escrow. Or…
2. Sit back and make excuses like…”I have penty of time I’ll get started in a month or so I’ve got all year”.

Which one will you choose?

I am here for only one reason…YOUR SUCCESS!

Your Real Estate Mentor,
Bobby Mahan

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