Countdown to Success

4….3….2….1…. SUCCESS!

4…. There Are Four Primary Functions In A Successful Agent’s Day:

 Lead Generation
 Lead Follow Up
 Giving Presentations
 Negotiations

3…. There Are Only Three Ways To Get Business:
 Buy It – Paying too many referral fees, buying leads/sources, etc.
 Wait For It -Waiting for someone to walk into an open house or call on a postcard or be provided by the company etc.
 Go Get It – There are clients wanting to list and buy every day…just go talk to them!

2….. There Are Only Two People That Control Your Success:
 Your Drunk Monkey – That voice in your head that tells you the market is bad, you can’t generate good leads, you can’t take a 7% listing, you can’t collect a transaction fee etc.
 You! – You are the only person “in charge” of your success! Are you creating your success or is your drunk monkey?

1…. The One Characteristic That Is Dominate In Every Successful Business Person Is:
 Discipline! – Successful agents have the discipline to practice their skills each day, they spend 80% of their day generating new business, they continually improve their systems, they have the discipline to work on their mindset and attitude each day and they have the discipline to do what they are supposed to do each day without fail! How successful are you? Are you really earning what you deserve?

The question really is: How successful do you want to be and what are you willing to do to have that success?

We are here for only one reason…YOUR SUCCESS!

The Real Estate Mentor
Bobby Mahan
“Creating Real Estate Champions”

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