How important is success to you?

Are your results what you want them to be?

Do you have a sense of urgency about generating a new appointment each day?

Do you have a sense of urgency about completing your lead follow up each day?

Those leads that you have are not only yours…they are also another agent’s leads!  The question is … who will get to them first?
You can sit and wait, procrastinate and make excuses, but remember that while you are not doing what it takes to be successful…someone else is!
Have a sense of urgency with everything you do!

Don’t wait!
Don’t analyze!
Don’t make excuses!
As the Nike ad stated “Just Go Do It!”

You are part of a company who believes in you, believes that you can be even more successful than you are now!

Be urgent about your success!

Your clients and more importantly your family are expecting you to be that urgent…and …successful!

“Creating Real Estate Champions”
Bobby Mahan

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