Stretch Yourself Today So You’ll Be In Better Shape Tomorrow….

Remember That One Of The Best Techniques For Stress Prevention Is To Keep Updating Your Skills.
How much stress do you have because you are not earning what you’re worth?
When was the last time you really stretched yourself in your business?
Are you on track to meet your goals….exceed them…..or…..?

Let’s do some math:
• Take the number of closed transactions you plan to do in 2011.
• Subtract the number of transactions that have actually closed so far in 2011
• Subtract ½ of the transactions that you have in escrow. (This takes “fall out” into account)
• Now, divide that number by 9 (# of months remaining in the year)
• This is how many transactions you need to do each month for the remainder of the year!

One agent did not like his production or income and decided to really “stretch” himself last week!
He was just sick and tired of being sick and tired of not making enough money in his business always being stressed out about his bills, his car payments etc!
What did he do?
He spent 8 hours Monday and Tuesday doing nothing but improving his mindset…and…calling his sphere of influence, past clients, leads, expired listings, around his sales and for sale by owners.
In a total of 10 hours of doing lead generation (6 hours for breaks and mindset work), he booked 21 appointments!… When was the last time you booked 21 appointments in 2 days?
Let’s do his math:
• Lets assume that of the 21 appointments he only really has 15 qualified appointments (buyers and sellers)
• Of that 15, he only chooses to work with 10 of those clients.
• Of those 10 only 6 of the transactions ever close.
• His average commission check is $4,200.00
• That’s $25,200 in income for “stretching” himself for 16 total hours!
Do you want to reduce the stress in your life?
Increase your skills, increase your commitment to you and your family….and….stretch yourself to do things that you have never done before!
What would happen if you did this at least once each month in addition to your regular lead generation?
What’s the worst that would happen? You become more successful than you are now?
We are here for only one reason…YOUR SUCCESS!
Who will step up and arrange a 2 day lead generation marathon in his/her office?  If you are interested, ask your Management team for advice on how to make it a success!

“Creating Real Estate Champions”

Bobby Mahan

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