Mike Ferry Live in Cape Coral, Florida

Mike Ferry’s visit was an exciting event for Cape Coral/Lee County Real Estate agents.  Here are some of the highlights of Mike’s discussion with the agents.

Facing Reality – Not always an easy thing for us to do.  It means taking a good hard look at ourselves and our business.  What are we thinking? What we doing?  Mike discussed how agents tend to let the negative news that surrounds them become their reality.  What’s important is not whether the news is negative, but how we perceive it that matters.

 Mike asked?…

1.  Are there agents out there successfully selling real estate? (This after asking two top producing agents in his coaching, how many transactions they have closed so far for the year – one being over 50 and the other over 40)

The answer from everyone was YES!

2.  Are there real estate transactions that are closing in Lee County? (Over 3,500 so far this year!)

The answer from everyone was YES!

3.   Are there agents that are having their best year ever in Real Estate? (referring to the two agents above!)

The answer from everyone was YES!


So is the market bad?  Is the economy bad?  It all depends on how you look at it and whether or not you let it be the reason that you aren’t as successful as you want to be.

You see the real question is…  Is the market and the economy the problem or is the problem you and your attitude?

Until you decide that the economy and market have no effect on what you do you’ll never experience the kind of success that you desire.

It’s not the market or the economy that’s at fault it’s all in how you take responsibility for your business, by having a strong mindset and doing the things that you know you should be doing.

Mike gave us 7 points to help keep your mindset strong and get your business on track to have a successful year.

1.  We have to fake being enthusiastic!  Yes it’s tough out there and there is a lot of negativity, however people want to work with happy enthusiastic people.  So fake it if you have to for as long as it takes to get us through this and that could be another three years.

2.  Take Responsibility! – For what you do, what you say , and how you operate.  If your life is not what you want it to be, you’re responsible for it.   Take responsibility for what’s going on in your business.

3. Never forget the importance of attitude! The definition – Attitude is how you see or perceive a person or a situation.  Is your attitude positive or negative?  We constantly judge people in a negative way – how could they say that, or how could they do that, or how could they wear that, and so on.  STOP IT!  When you constantly think in negatives you can’t expect anything to  be good or positive in your life.  Try tying enthusiasm and attitude together and you will change how people look at you.  They will want to be around you and do business with you. 

4.  Your skills determine your income.  You can fake skills like enthusiasm, but only for a short period of time.  People expect you to be a well trained professional.  Just as you would expect a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, to be trained, you are expected to be trained and know what you are doing.  What does training and practice accomplish?  Think about it.  What’s the biggest problem the real estate agents have?  Talking to people! Why?

          1. Fear – and why do we have fear??
          2.  We don’t know what to say!!!
Training and script practice takes the fear away and gives you confidence because you know what to say at the right time.  It gives you answers to all the objections you may face.  At Selling Paradise Realty we have daily training and script practice to take your fear away!  Plus an intensive 80 hour course to help you build a successful business.

5.  Set higher Standards!  Want more out of life? Change the standard of living for yourself.  The amount of money you make is a reflection of the quality of service you provide.  That does not mean how hard you work or how many hours you put in.  It means that as a well trained professional you give good quality service and you get paid well for what you provide for your knowledge and service to your clients.

 6.  Put in the time and energy everyday!  When we stop working we die!  We must have enthusiasm, attitude, and the skills necessary to keep at it every day!  We don’t prospect because we don’t know what to say.  If we don’t know what to say we can’t work hard every day.  If you don’t have enthusiasm and a great attitude no one will want to work with you and it will be difficult to have the energy you need to keep doing this every day. 

7.  Repeat all of the above everyday!

Doing what you have to everyday means understanding rejection and knowing that the Real Estate business can be boring!  Prospecting everyday and pushing past rejection every day can become boring! 

It’s not always fun, but the RESULTS are Fun!  We must learn to get past the repetitious boredom!  The best way to do that is to just keep doing it.  Continuing to prospect is like exercising a muscle.  The more you do it the more you eliminate the limiting fears and beliefs that stop you from being successful.  Like a strong tone muscle fear won’t have a chance against you as you continue to exercise.

3 Important things to remember!  You must have…

1.  A strong Mindset – Be Positive!

2.  Know what to say!

3.  Know what to do!
To understand your skills and where you are at today track these things:
1. Contacts – how many did you make a day?
2. Leads – how many today?
3. Appointments – how many today?
4. Contracts – how many today?
5. Closings – how many today?
6. Income – how much today?

Check up on your business by tracking these numbers every day.  This will give you a true picture of your skills and efficiency and provide you with information on areas that need improvement.  Give yourself a Reality Check!

At Selling Paradise Realty we help our agents everyday to improve their skills by providing consistent training, mentoring, and coaching.  Our only goal is your success.  We were honored to have Mike come and speak with you and appreciate the time and commitment made by all to make this a successful event.

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