Why do some people appear bright, until you hear them speak?

Professional salespeople, actors, actresses, business persons all use professional scripts.
Are you doing a dis-service to your clients by just “winging-it” or are you being the best salesperson you can be?
Professional actors are paid literally tens of millions of dollars to follow a script…do you?
A script guides a conversation and helps you uncover information that you need to make a good business decision…”Is this prospect really motivated enough to work with me?”
Too many times we as agents end up working with prospective clients that are not ready to list or buy now…If we are spending time with people that are not motivated, we will not make any money… will we?
Use scripts to help you better yourself, your business and your profits!
You and your family will be very happy!!

We are here for only one reason…YOUR SUCCESS!

“Creating Real Estate Champions”

Bobby Mahan

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