How Efficient Are You?

1. For 2 days track what you do each half hour. (see attached form)

2. Write out each event like: followed up on escrow, called brother, did lead generation, prepared contract, checked email/voicemail, got coffee, sent postcards etc.

3. Do your best to remember to document your activities each half hour; post a note at your desk, on your dashboard, on your refrigerator…wherever you spend your time.

4. At the end of the 2 days add up all the time you spent doing various activities, for example checked/responded to emails – 3 hours, searched the mls for a buyer – 2 hours, prepared letters to be sent out – 2 hours, etc.

5. Next, group your activities into two categories:

a. Income Producing Activities:
Active Lead Generation (phones and doors only)
Lead follow up
Giving Listing/Buyer Presentations
Negotiating Contract (listing/buyer contract signed, counter-offers etc)

b. Income Servicing Activities:
Following up with current escrows
Following up with current listing/buyer clients.
Ordering HOA docs, reviewing HUDs etc.

6. Compare yourself against the following:
a. 75% of your day should be involved in Income Producing Activities.  This is what sales are all about!
b. 25% of your day should be involved in income servicing activities.  This is considered customer service.
c. Everything else is a waste of your valuable time and should be minimized!

7. Honestly look at the reality of each day and determine what it will take to get your day in “Sales Balance”.  Sales Balance is where you control your business, your income and your life.  When agents are out of “Sales Balance” they are working 6-7 days each week, their time is controlled by their clients or potential clients and their income is not what they expected.

8. What will it take to get into “Sales Balance”?…..See Your Coach!

“Creating Real Estate Champions”

Bobby Mahan

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