Do you want to play a new Game?

“It’s A Whole New World Out There,
With New Playing Fields, Rules And Players. 
Your Choice Is To Either Learn This New Game, Or Continue To Be The Very Best Player In A Game That Is No Longer Being Played”

Larry Wilson
Competitive Edge, Inc.

Are you engaged in a game that is no longer being played?

Here is how you can determine your answer….

1. Did you meet or exceed your income and transaction goals in 2010?
2. Has your 2011 started off incredibly with at least 10 listings and 5 buyer contracts signed?
3. Do you know exactly what you should be doing between 8:00 and noon every workday?
4. Do at least 80% of all your escrows close? (REO excluded)
5. Is at least 80% of your day involved in income producing activities?
6. Are you really in control of your daily schedule?
7. Are you engaged in skill building and positive mindset activities each day?
8. Was your profit in 2010 what you deserved?
9. Do you believe you understand this email?

If you answered “NO” to 5 or more of these questions you are probably engaged in a “game” that is no longer being played!  The game where agents have sub-par production and are cheating themselves and their families from an amazing life!

Do you want to be part of the “New Game”? Then jump on board and hang on for a ride that will take your business to levels you never dreamed possible, but…you will have to show up every day!

See your Management Team for a ticket! 

We are here for only one reason…YOUR SUCCESS!

“Creating Real Estate Champions”

Bobby Mahan

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